Mechanical Services

Enertec Mechanical proudly offers the following services:

  • Complete Heating Systems

    Our systems utilize the latest equipment and technologies, combined with innovative product selection leading to an EFFECTIVE, EFFICIENT heating solution unique to your facility.
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  • Boiler Systems

    Enertec Mechanical has access to a wide range of effective, efficient boiler solutions capable of providing for your unique system needs.
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  • Thermal Storage Systems

    Enertec Mechanical will help you implement an effective, efficient thermal storage solution.
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  • c02 Dosing Systems

    Even and uniform CO2 dosing plays a very important role in greenhouse production.
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  • Energy Evaluations

    Don’t waste your energy dollars – let Enertec help you find opportunities for saving your money.
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  • Parts and Materials

    Don’t waste your time trying to sort through too many details – let our experts help you by determining exactly which model or version is right for your needs and taking care of ordering and shipment directly to your facility.
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  • Condensing Technologies

    Enertec Mechanical can design an effective, efficient condensing system for you using either domestic or imported components.
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  • Variable Speed Transport Lines

    We also have in-house expertise to develop the control system needed to take full advantage of the benefits of variable speed technology.
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  • Grow Pipes

    Enertec Mechanical will provide you with a complete effective, efficient grow pipe heating solution for your unique system needs.
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  • Boilers/Burners/Linkage-less Controls

    Enertec Mechanical has access to a wide range of effective, efficient burner and boiler equipment capable of providing for your unique system needs.
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  • Water Filtration System

    Let Enertec design a water filtration system to keep your system running at it’s peak performance and ensure long life for your equipment.
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  • Irrigation Water Heating

    Use otherwise wasted low-grade heat available in your hot water heating system’s return lines to preheat your irrigation water. Enertec can design a complete system for you.
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What Our Clients Think

  • My irrigation contamination problems despite years of ozone use have been solved by a far superior pasteurization system designed and supplied by Enertec Engineering. Enertec not only solved my problem but helped get the majority of my costs covered through efficiency incentive programs. The staff at Enertec proved to be both knowledgeable and helpful, ensuring a smooth installation and were a pleasure to deal with at every step of my project. The result is a pasteurizer system that saves me money, provides me peace of mind, and helps ensure that my irrigation water is clean. If you are looking for solutions, improved performance, or simply a well engineered system for peace of mind, I highly recommend giving Enertec a call and having chat about your challenges.
    Jim Simoni - Simoni Greenhouses

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