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Dr. Youbin Zheng, Siobhan Dunets and Diane Cayanan University of Guelph, greenhouse nursery heat treatment study

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It has been demonstrated that heat treatment is effective against a wide variety of pathogens, with no phytotoxic effects under proper system upkeep (Van Os, 2010). Unfortunately, operation costs are often high and directly dependent on the cost of natural gas, which may fluctuate significantly from year to year (National Energy Board, 2012). Potentially high costs may mean heat treatment is best employed for disinfecting the smaller amounts of water used in highly disease susceptible areas, such as those dedicated to plant propagation (Hong, 2005).

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  • The Great Lakes Greenhouses project involved installation of 3 flue gas condensers in series on their 5000 boiler horse-power boiler which can increase the boiler system efficiency by up to 13%.
    Great Lakes Greenhouses - cucumber producer

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