Making Greenhouses Ideal for Cannabis

Posted Aug 18th, 2019

Making Greenhouses Ideal for Cannabis

When a cannabis grower buys a greenhouse, they might be getting more than they bargained for. Enertec Engineering has helped produce superior plants in greenhouses for years – now the company is creating innovative ways to grow better cannabis.

Written by Karen Hawthorne

Now that Canada has become the first G7 country in the world to legalize the recreational use of cannabis there is an intense focus on producing high-quality products for consumers. Revenue generated by the North American cannabis market is predicted to grow by $28 billion, from $12 billion in 2018 to $40 billion in 2023. Right now there are product shortages, a backlog in online orders, and there have been public mold issues.

When it comes to producing higher quality cannabis to meet that booming demand, it’s the control factor that is key.

Producers can create an environment that is most suitable for the plants by regulating the temperature, humidity, the amount of light, the amount of water they get, and they can protect the plants against adverse elements and pests. Growing in greenhouses is all about control of the conditions and protection against the risks that can threaten a crop.

It’s not surprising to see more producers take a big interest in greenhouses to grow their plants. The challenge is that most of the existing greenhouses in Canada are set up to grow vegetables or bedding plants that require a different environment than cannabis. That leaves growers faced with retrofitting an existing greenhouse or designing a new one that can produce superior quality cannabis.

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  • Great Lakes Greenhouses' next project involved the design of a heating system to service a 657,500 ft2 greenhouse expansion. This system allowed for precise environmental control by introducing heat within the plant canopy to be used for temperature control as well as dehumidification.
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