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Variable Speed Transport Lines

When heat loads are lower than the design capacity, electrical savings can be realized by installing a VSD.

Variable speed drives (VSD) allow a pumps flow to be finely controlled. Since the heat load in a greenhouse is lower than the design capacity for most of the year, significant electrical savings can be realized by controlling the pump speed with a VSD.

Enertec Mechanical can design and specify control valves, pumps, pressure transmitters and VSDs to fully design your variable speed transport line. Enertec also has in-house expertise to develop the control system needed to take full advantage of the benefits of variable speed technology.

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What Our Clients Think

  • The Linwell Gardens project involved the design and procurement of a heating system to service a 118,500 sq.ft. greenhouse expansion. The heating system consisted of a 3-stage hydronic heating network that was connected to an existing central hot water boiler plant.
    Linwell Gardens

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