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Heat Pasteurization Systems

Enertec Engineering designs standard and custom irrigation water pasteurization systems for 30-120+ GPM. 

Heat Pasteurization of Irrigation water is now the most common method of water treatment in the Netherlands.  In this process leachate water is heated to a temperature of 95°C and passed through an appropriately sized header for 30 seconds before cooling.  The pasteurization process ensures that microorganisms in the water are effectively inactivated.  Alternatively a critical temperature of 85°C and contact time of 180 seconds is equally effective, allowing systems to be powered by steam or hot water.

Enertec Engineers design standard and custom pasteurization systems for 30-120+ GPM.  In 2016 multiple Enertec Engineering pasteurization systems were installed in Leamington greenhouses.  From initial sizing to consultation to CFU testing and process validation, Enertec Engineering is available to ensure your pasteurizer performs perfectly.

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  • Great Lakes Greenhouses' next project involved the design of a heating system to service a 657,500 ft2 greenhouse expansion. This system allowed for precise environmental control by introducing heat within the plant canopy to be used for temperature control as well as dehumidification.
    Great Lakes Greenhouses

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